BeSpoke. BeKind. BeHuman.

Since its inception, Dr. Singh’s Medical Device Company Bespoke Ophthalmics has maintained a commitment to give back through our charitable arm; BeSpoke. BeKind. BeHuman.

Charity Work at Home

Singh Vision offers no charge eye care to underinsured patients whenever we have empty space in clinic. It’s a small thing we can do to give back but we are proud to do so. If you’re underinsured, call to get an EyeCare America appt.

Charity Work Overseas

As a company, Bespoke donates 10% of profits to Mom and Pop suppliers and their communities. We buy generators for black-smiths in rural Pakistan who lose revenue when the power goes out and their CNC machines shut off. We license Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD for  engineering students & apprentices learning the skilled trades of instrument manufacture and titanium metallurgy. As practicing ophthalmologists, we remember the needs of citizens in the countries where many of our instruments are made. Once a year at least, we spend time doing charity surgeries abroad, as much to learn from amazing surgeons in those countries as to give back a little of our good fortune to live in wealthy nations that provide us blissful and safe existences. And when our clients—who are often also our friends and colleagues request; we donate equipment and organize surgical mission trips for these gifted & busy people, who carry in their hands the ability to do immense good & return incalculable value to the lives of those suffering from curable blindness, the world over.

We hope on your own time you are moved to join us, not as patients, but as humans looking to make our tiny contribution, to the extent we are able, in the time we are blessed to be here, to the furtherment of all Mankind.