How much does LASIK cost?

LASIK prices vary from practice to practice & few offer a price before you come through the door. This is because their pricing depends on whether or not you have astigmatism, the strength of your prescription, if you want to insure enhancements, and if topography guided treatment is necessary. Prices increase with each of these items. Our philosophy is different. We have set pricing of $2850 per eye or $5700 regardless of astigmatism, prescription, topography, or if you need LASIK or PRK. We include enhancements, eye medications, followup visits, the works. To fit your budget, we offer 0% financing for 24 months; bringing each payment to just over $200 with no early repayment penalties

In the United States, the average cost of LASIK is $5000

Why does LASIK cost so much?

The truth is, it doesn’t. Just like it is always cheaper to buy a car than continually lease it, so too with LASIK you can own your vision rather than renting it from the glasses and contacts industry. And you needn’t worry about recurring costs, new glasses, more contacts, etc. Not only is LASIK more affordable long term, it is also safer than wearing contact lenses & provides better vision without the hassles of contact lens.

Owning vs. renting your vision:

Most people spend more than $25,000 on glasses, contact lenses, solution, and  eye exams, over their lifetimes. That’s like renting your vision from the glasses and contacts lens industry. Worst of all, neither modality truly corrects your vision.




The main factor that drives the cost of LASIK is the quality of lasers used. These leverage advanced technologies to yield the precision needed to write letters on a single hair. Two different laser platforms are needed for LASIK procedures, and the most advanced LASIK procedures aren’t possible without using BOTH.




Your Surgeon

The most important part of vision correction is the surgeon using those lasers. Surgeon factors make all the difference. While lasers are critical to performing advanced LASIK, they are merely tools used to deliver results. It takes years of education, training, and experience for a surgeon to become adept at vision correction. When considering vision correction, look for someone who takes the time to explain the procedure, listens to your concerns, & who has put in the time to be best in class. During your initial consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Singh to create a vision correction plan that meets your needs. Dr. Singh will make sure you’re comfortable and all your questions are answered. Post-op, Dr. Singh will follow with you closely to ensure things are going well.

“What's at stake is the clarity of your vision.”


What about LASIK discounts?

If you think you can get LASIK for $250 an eye, you’ll be disappointed. Don’t fall for bait-and-switch techniques that seek to get you through the door. This is how it works; you come for a free consultation at a discount center. The “bait” is a discounted LASIK price with a “switch” that happens when the salesperson tells you that based on your testing, you don’t qualify for the discount (no one ever does). Your consultation will be riddled with upsells to include better laser technology, post-operative aftercare, and ensured enhancements. In Northern Virginia, with “discount LASIK,” the final price after all upcharges and add-ons usually ends up far above advertised discount prices.

They say all the money in the world never bought an ounce of time, so we will respect yours by skipping the shenanigans. Your well-being & happiness is our only concern. Refractive surgery is life-changing, and we hope you trust us to do what’s best for you. This is not assembly line medicine. Because of the personalized care, expertise, and experience of Dr. Singh, we have flat pricing for refractive surgery. We don’t discount vision correction procedures and offer several zero percent interest financing options.



All LASIK is not the same.

If you need brain surgery, will you search for a discount neurosurgeon? Your vision is just as critical. If a LASIK center is charging less than average, ask yourself how they can do that. What shortcuts are they taking, or technology are they skimping on to save costs? Those perceived savings are not in your best interest. Spend more, once. Get a great outcome, and move forward with your life! You’ll never think about it again!

What do we charge for Refractive Surgery?

At Singh Vision, we charge $2850 for one eye, or $5700 for both for either LASIK or PRK. Our pricing is all-inclusive, uses the best technology, includes all patient visits, eye medications, future enhancements, a highly qualified physician who’ll ensure everything goes well, and a friendly staff working in a world class facility to make you feel at ease. 

We aren't done til you're your vision is tack sharp.

We use the best tech, we never up-charge, and when you work with us, you are making one of the best investments of your life. Your improved quality of life & clear vision is worth every cent & the money you spend to get it, you’ll never think about again. You’ll be too busy enjoying your life!

Dave Fleming
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I researched a ton of lasik surgeons before taking the plunge. Everything I saw showed me that Waite Vision has it all. The service is incredible and personal. Not like an assembly line. The facility is world class. The staff is fabulous. You MIGHT save a few bucks somewhere else but when it comes to your results and overall experience, this should be your first choice.