Training at SV

At Singh Vision we pursue a continual mission of training the next generation of ophthalmologists. But the journey to becoming a physician start years prior, in the heady days of undergrad, as young students steer themselves into the medical training pipeline. We endeavor students at every leg of their long journey into healthcare, from its earliest stages to its completion:


Opportunities for Undergraduates

A. Shadowing: Undergraduates exploring their career options and looking to gain some preliminary clinical exposure are most welcome to contact our practice to schedule a time to shadow with Dr. Singh. These visits can be structured per the student’s schedule. We are happy to show young scholars all the cool things we do and campaign for why they should want to join us!

B. Research: Undergraduates interested in clinical or academic research can apply to our practice with a short letter expressing their interests. We will make every effort to find a publication ready project for them to develop, execute, write up, and ultimately publish.


Research Fellowship for Premed, Post-Baccalaureate, or Master’s Students.

  1. Program Description:
    1. We offer a competitive 1-year paid research fellowship for ambitious premedical students interested in taking a year to bolster their application to medical school. During this 12 mth period, premedical students work with Dr. Singh as his technicians, teching patients in clinic to get them ready, then as scribes while seeing patients with him. On surgery days, students work as Dr. Singh’s scrub techs, assisting him with intraocular surgery, and on LASIK days as his refractive surgery techs, operating the Femtosecond and Wavelight laser systems so Dr. Singh can focus on helping patients remain still for their laser treatments.
    2. The clinical exposure in this role will be equivalent to an ophthalmology resident. Indeed students will work as technicians in direct support of residents, fellows, and attendings on a daily basis. Over time, as competent students demonstrate increasing proficiency, they will have the opportunity to function at progressively higher levels—in the capacity of a medical student interviewing patients, then as residents examining patients and participating in small office procedures, even as attendings making diagnoses & plans under supervision. The more capable the student, the further he/she will have the opportunity to go.
  2. Clinical Research Opportunities:
    1. Just as Dr. Singh’s day doesn’t end when clinic ends, so too students’ duties continue after hours as they help Dr. Singh’s research coordinators conduct numerous clinical trials the practice may be running at the time under its research arm, “The Clinical Trials Group.”
      1. In addition to tightly regimented clinical trials, students will have the opportunity to conceive of, propose, and execute “Investigator Initiated Trials” of their own interest in close conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry if they so wish.
      2. Students with an academic interest can attend monthly grand rounds at the National Eye Institute and work with GW residents on clinical research projects, case studies, and case reports that have a very high likelihood of being published.
      3. Bench research is available in most cases through researchers at the NEI.
    2. Medical Device Development:
      1. For students with an interest in medical device development, Singh Vision operates Bespoke Ophthalmics and offers an opportunity to design, validate, & produce new surgical instruments for ophthalmic surgery. Interested students will first learn details of instrument design, then get a crash course in AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS Computer assisted design before learning how to produce a titanium prototype using our on-site 3D-Printer. After the instrument is verified in the OR, students name it, run the device through FDA validation & UDI (Unique Device Identifier) assignation. Finally, they learn how to convert a rapid prototype into a mature pattern ready for production on Hurco 5-Axis CNC milling machines with post-hoc anodizing and polishing in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
      2. At the end of the year, undergraduates completing our fellowship will have publications in the areas of clinical, pharmaceutical, or bench research as well as detailed hands on experience in every aspect of ophthalmology; clinical, surgical, even refractive. Graduates will leave with a knowledge level approaching or exceeding that of first year ophthalmology residents and (except in very concerning instances), a sterling letter of recommendation from Dr. Singh detailing their exploits, learning, and growth over the course of the year.
    3. Ancillary Benefits:
      1. From a soft power standpoint, students will have spent a year working in close proximity to residents, program directors, and chairman in the GW department of ophthalmology, folks who will be well suited to supply additional letters of recommendation, make phone calls on applicants’ behalf and otherwise advocate for our departing graduates.
      2. Students will have the opportunity to name any medical devices they develop, a unique achievement that will set their applications apart amongst their distinguished peers.
    4. Compensation: We are fortunate to be able to offer funding for premedical student scholars. For their 12 mth term, full employment benefits will be provided, including health insurance, PTO, and a stipend of $36,000 for the year and in some cases also a housing allowance.
    5. Graduation: In addition to a graduation certificate from Singh Vision, students will leave having taken and passed all training requirements for COMT (Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technician) certification; a written confirmation of their hard work and clinical growth during the year.
    6. Eligibility: Although we would love to entertain all applicants, we feel it is important to consider applicants who have demonstrated considerable interest in the pursuit of medicine as a career. As such we require submission of MCAT scores and a Letter of Interest in order to be considered.


Medical Students

Medical students with a strong interest in pursuing ophthalmology as a career are most welcome to contact our offices to schedule a formal away rotation or more transient shadowing opportunity at a time of mutual convenience for themselves and Dr. Singh.


Ophthalmology Residents

Singh regularly trains resident at George Washington University in cataract surgery, pterygium excision, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. Residents from other programs seeking specialized exposure in areas their host program may not offer are welcome to make independent arrangements to visit us in a shadowing capacity. We are always happy to teach others what we are working on and proud of doing well.


Corneal Fellows/Young Ophthalmologists:

We anticipate starting an ACGME certified cornea and refractive surgery fellowship in 2023 but until then, Young Ophthalmologists in fellowship or not are most welcome to visit at their convenience to learn more about different procedures we are working on.


International Ophthalmologists:

Although Singh Vision has no ability to sponsor foreign physicians you are most welcome to work with us in an observorship capacity for any period that you wish provided you make independent arrangements re: your emigration to the