Previous Eye Surgery Repair

Dr. Singh commonly gets referrals from community ophthalmologists of complex surgical cases and patients how had poor results from eye surgery done elsewhere. Any type of surgery carries some degree of risk but with an experienced surgeon these risks are much lower. If you need eye surgery of any kind it is ideal to have just one surgery done well; but regardless, complications can and do happen–for experiences surgeons as much as novices! In such cases, patients can often benefit from revision surgery to correct problems that arose during their original surgeries.

Dr. Singh specializes in these difficult revision surgeries to reconstruct damaged ocular tissues and restore vision to patients. Sometimes the surgery in question might be a lens implant exchange if an incorrect lens power or model was placed or a dislocated lens can be recentered using micro-sutures. Prolene sutures can be used to repair a damaged iris, and restore normal roundness to a compromised pupil.

These same procedures can also be used to help restore or at the very least improve vision in patients who sustain trauma to the eye in car accidents, bungee cord impacts, hand to hand combat, or blast injuries (often seen in military personnel). In cases like these, victims undergo a staged reconstructive approach starting with an initial emergency repair of the eye to close any leakage and then months later a more complicated revision procedure to restore the normal structure and function to the eye. Dr Singh has significant expertise in these difficult cases and many ophthalmologists in Viginia and beyond refer such challenging cases to Singh Vision for evaluation and reconstruction.

Some examples of gnarly cases that have walked through the door over the years are shown below.