Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

Lens Replacement Surgery

The crystalline lenses we are born with are marvels of nature. They autofocus on objects near and far. If reading glasses allow you to see at, say 25 cm; natural lenses can focus at 24 cm, 26, 24.9, 25.1…& everywhere in between. Until age 47, we have >1,000,000 different powers of reading glasses built right into our eyes-accessible anytime! After 47, that autofocus goes away, leaving you with dysfunctional clear lenses that aren’t yet cataracts, but require you to wear reading glasses or bifocals anyway. Refractive lens exchange is cataract surgery done ahead of time, replacing dysfunctional clear lenses with multifocal acrylic lenses that obviate the need for glasses & eliminate future cataracts. It’s one and done! But unlike your friends, who wait for cataracts to get surgery, you can enjoy the benefits of multifocal lenses and lead a glasses independent existence for years longer, while they are still struggling to find their reading glasses! 

“Dr. Singh performed refractive lens exchange for both of my eyes, I am extremely satisfied with my experience. I don't miss my contacts or glasses.”

Richard P.

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How it works.

During Refractive Lens Exchange, your dysfunctional lens is replaced by a new artificial intraocular lens. The implant is not outwardly visible but drastically improves vision. We use many different types for lenses and choose based on your specific visual needs.

You are a RLE candidate if:

Top reasons to choose us for RLE.


RLE provides hassle free great vision for decades.  


As soon as you arrive, you are the center of attention.


Our focus is great results. You’ll love your new vision.


Don’t worry about picking up recovery meds. We’ll have everything ready for you.


You’ll meet Dr. Singh, your surgeon, to formulate the best plan for your eyes.


Our pricing is all-inclusive, with no upsells or extra charges on the back end.


You receive a detailed exam prior to RLE to confirm the health of your eyes.


RLE takes only a few minutes, and your vision thereafter recovers quickly.


RLE is performed with the most advanced technology available today.

“Lenses are now available for younger patients who don’t have cataracts but want to eliminate their need for distance, computer, & reading glasses.”

—Globe Newswire

What consult time works best?

Start with a refractive consultation.

Our refractive consultations cost $150 and include a battery of seven tests using the latest technology. You will then meet with Dr. Singh to discuss how to best achieve perfect vision for you and review any pertinent information regarding the health of your eyes. If you proceed with RLE, your $150 investment is applied towards your vision correction procedure.

How much do glasses & contacts lenses cost you?

Most people spend $25,000+ on glasses, contact lenses, solution, & eye exams over their lifetimes. All that to rent your vision from the glasses and contacts lenses industry! Worst of all, glasses & contact lenses NEVER correct your vision. Try our affordability calculators to see how much you can save by choosing to proceed with RLE instead. 


The elegance of Singh Vision.

Singh Vision is housed in a beautiful facility with crisp, clean lines, abundant natural lighting and a stunning view of the Virginia countryside. The moment you enter our reception area, you’ll experience the difference of Singh Vision.

RLE questions? We've got answers.

Is RLE covered by insurance?

Refractive Lens Exchange is an elective procedure not covered by insurance. We do offer 24-mth interest-free financing or if you have an HSA/FSA account, you can use that.

How long does RLE last?

RLE effectively corrects near and farsightedness & presbyopia (need for readers or bifocals) even at severity levels not correctable with LASIK or ICLs.

How long does RLE take?

RLE takes about 15 minutes and the results are nearly instant. You should have someone drive you home afterwards however; we may give you valium to help you relax in pre-op.

Does RLE hurt?

Not at all. RLE is a painless 10-20 minute procedure. You will not feel discomfort during and may have only mild soreness afterwards.

Will RLE affect my eye's health?

RLE surgery corrects your vision and prevents cataracts from developing in the future. It will intended to help you see clearly for a lifetime.

Why is RLE recommended for me?

RLE is indicated for patients with clear lenses in their late 40s who’ve developed presbyopia and now desire independence from glasses. 

Start living life in focus.

If you want crisp, clear vision, now is the time to make it happen. The value of RLE is fare greater than the dollar amount you will invest to realize your true visual potential!