Pterygium is an abnormal, non-cancerous growth that starts in the thin conjunctival tissues of the eye and  is driven largely by genetics & sunlight exposure. It is seen most frequently in construction workers, truck drivers, surfers, & anyone who spends time outside without sunglasses. Although pterygium is initially just cosmetically displeasing, it is a progressive condition that becomes visually significant over time, inducing astigmatism & causing vision loss from corneal scarring in advanced cases. Indeed, pterygium causes patients irritation in the United States but in the developing world it is a major cause of blindness; where access to eye surgery & sunglasses is limited and exposure to sunlight is extreme. Pterygium removal eliminates any astigmatism you may have & leave you with a normal appearing eye. 

What happens during Pterygium Removal?

Fellowship trained ophthalmologist Dr. Jorawer Singh is an expert at pterygium removal. The procedure is done using specialized instruments. After the abnormal tissue is removed, a graft of conjunctival tissue transplanted from a different area of your eye to prevent any recurrences or if needed, amniotic tissue (Amniograft) harvested from the umbilical cord tissue of a new born baby can be used to cover the area of excision. Grafted tissue is held in place using glue. No stitches are used. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and causes only minimal discomfort. 

~99% of patients tolerate the procedure with topical anesthesia (eye drops +/- anesthetic gel) alone. This allows patients to walk out of the surgical suite under their own power, bypassing post-operative recovery, and leaving our clinic moments after the procedure is completed. But if needed we have Valium & sublingual anesthetics on hand to achieve sedation & anesthesia.

“After meeting with Dr. Singh and his team, I went into the procedure confident that I was in good hands. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

Narinder S.


Top reasons patients choose Singh Vision for pterygium surgery.


Your procedure is guaranteed to last for years.


Our pterygium surgery pricing is very transparent.


No insurance? No issues. This procedure is $1850.


You receive a comprehensive  exam & plan tailored for you.


You will meet with Dr. Singh, to discuss your vision plan.


Your procedure is done with the best tech available.

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The elegance of Singh Vision.

Singh Vision is housed in a beautiful facility with crisp, clean lines,  abundant natural lighting and a stunning view of the Virginia countryside. The moment you enter our reception area, you’ll experience the difference of Singh Vision.

Pterygium questions? We've got answers.

Is pterygium excision safe?

Pterygium surgery is safe. Rarely the growth may recur, necessitating repeat excisions that are as easy to do as the primary procedure. 

How much does excision cost?

Pterygium resections are usually covered by insurance but if not, we charge $1850 for pterygium removal.

How long is the procedure?

Pterygium surgery take 15-20 minutes. Dr. Singh will review to procedure to help you  prepare for it.

Does pterygium surgery hurt?

Pterygium resection isn’t painfulYour vision will be blurry for 1-2 days, after which most patients resume regular activity.

Can pterygium cause blindness?

Pterygium resection has good success with few risks. Untreated, it leads  to blindness. Get treated before complications occur.

How will my eye look like after?

Although pterygium resection is initially visible, within 3 to 6 weeks no one will be able to tell which eye had pterygium surgery.

Feel as good as you look.

There is no need to struggle or feel self-conscious. Pterygium removal is worth it. You’ve got one life, live it with confidence. Read what others have to say…