Traveling to Singh Vision?

Congratulations! We are excited for your visit. Many patients travel to Singh Vision from abroad and from across the United States for LASIK, PRK, ICLs, Corneal Cross-Linking, or Cataract Surgery. We are happy to provide concierge services for your visit including airport pickup, hotel arrangements, tours of Washington DC, and any other pursuits that may interest you. Concierge Medicine is a priority at Singh Vision and we will do our utmost to ensure you have a memorable visit to our neck of the woods.

Is there anything fun to do?

Funny you should ask! How much time do you have?! We think Virginia is paradise and we’ll talk your ear off till you agree to move in down the street from us. You won’t be spending much time in your hotel room if we have any say in the matter. Whether you like indoor or outdoor sky diving or rock climbing, hiking, biking, swimming, or trail running; world class venues can be found all around our Northern Virginia offices. While planning your visit, we’ll ask your interests & pack fun activities into your itinerary and if you want to join us for a trail ride in autumn, you are most welcome! We’ve got bikes to spare.

How long will I need to be in Virginia for surgery?

Depending on your scheduled procedure you will need to spend a few days with us to ensure we achieve the best visual outcome possible for you. Call ahead of time so we can help arrange your trip.

Where should I stay?

Don’t worry about it, our concierge staff will sort out those details for you. They ask about your cultural and culinary interests, then arrange for you to stay in a location most convenient for your itinerary. 

Where do I eat?

Northern Virginia/DC is a global dining destination with multiple Michelin star rated restaurants to visit. Depending on your tastes we’ll send you a visitation itinerary (in print & via e-mail) with intriguing places for you to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of your visit.